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  The TI PCI2030 PCI-to-PCI Bridge provides a high-performance connection path between two peripheral component interconnect (PCI) buses. Transactions can occur between a master on one PCI bus and a target on another PCI bus. The Bridge supports burst-mode transfers to maximize data throughput, and the two bus traffic paths through the Bridge act independently. The PCI2030 Bridge is compliant with the PCI Local Bus Specification 2.1, and can be used to overcome the electrical loading limit of ten devices per PCI bus by creating hierarchical buses. Furthermore, add-in cards requiring multiple PCI devices can use the Bridge to overcome the electrical loading limit of one PCI device per slot. The PCI2030 Bridge is also compliant with the PCI-to-PCI Bridge Specification 1.0, and implements many additional features that make it an ideal solution for bridging two PCI buses. It can be configured for subtractive decoding, and negative decoding can be disabled on the secondary Interface Two extension windows are also included for special decoding purposes. The serial- and parallel-port addresses can also be programmed for positive decoding on the primary Interface The Bridge implements many other features, listed above, that add performance and flexibility. An advanced CMOS process is utilized to achieve low system-power consumption while operating at PCI clock rates up to 33 MHz.
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