Pci-to-cardbus Controller Unit

  The TI PCI1131 is a high-performance PCI-to-PC Card controller that supports two independent PC Card sockets compliant with the 1995 PC Card standard. The PCI1131 provides a set of features that makes it ideal for bridging between PCI and PC Cards in both notebook and desktop computers. The 1995 PC Card standard retains the 16-bit PC Card specification defined in PCMCIA release 2.1 and defines the new 32-bit PC Card, called CardBus, capable of full 32-bit data transfers at 33 MHz. The PCI1131 supports any combination of 16-bit and CardBus PC Cards in its two sockets, powered at 3.3 V or 5 V, as required. The PCI1131 is compliant with the PCI local bus specification revision 2.1, and its PCI Interface can act as either a PCI master device or a PCI slave device. The PCI bus mastering is initiated during 16-bit PC Card DMA transfers or CardBus PC Card bus-mastering cycles. All card signals are internally buffered to allow hot insertion and removal without external buffering. The PCI1131 is Register compatible with the Intel 82365SL-DF ExCA controller. The PCI1131 internal datapath logic allows the host to access 8-, 16-, and 32-bit cards using full 32-bit PCI cycles for maximum performance. Independent 32-bit write Buffers allow fast-posted writes to improve system-bus utilization. An advanced CMOS process is used to achieve low system-power consumption while operating at PCI clock rates up to 33 MHz. Several low-power modes allow the host power-management system to further reduce power consumption. All unused PCI1131 inputs should be pulled high through a 43-k? Resistor
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