155-mbps To 3.3-gbps Limiting Amplifier

  The ONET3301PA is a versatile high-speed Limiting Amplifier for multiple Fiber Optic applications with data rates up to 3.3 Gbps. This device provides a gain of about 50 dB, which ensures a fully differential output swing for input signals as low as 3 mVp?p. The high input signal dynamic range ensures low jitter output signals even when overdriven with input signal swings as high as 1200 mVp?p. The ONET3301PA comprises a loss of signals detection, as well as a received signal strength indicator. The ONET3301PA is available in a small footprint 3 mm ? 3 mm 16-pin QFN package and requires a single 3.3-V supply. This power efficient Limiting Amplifier dissipates less than 106 mW typical. It is characterized for operation from ?40?C to 85?C. available options
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