Mixed-signal Processor

  The MSP50C601 is a low-cost, mixed-signal processor that combines a Speech synthesizer, general-purpose I/O, onboard ROM, and direct Speaker drive in a single package. The computational unit utilizes a powerful new DSP which gives the MSP50C601 unprecedented speed and computational flexibility compared with previous devices of its type. The MSP50C601 supports a variety of Speech and Audio coding algorithms, providing a range of options for Speech duration and sound quality. The device consists of a micro-DSP core, embedded program, and data Memory and a self-contained clock generation system. General-purpose periphery is comprised of 32 bits of partially configurable I/O. The core processor is a general-purpose 16-bit Microcontroller with DSP capability. The basic core block includes computational unit (CU), data address unit, program address unit, two Timers eight level interrupt processor, and several system and control Registers The core processor gives the MSP50C601 break-point capability in emulation. The processor is Harvard type for efficient DSP algorithm execution. It requires separate program and data Memory blocks to permit simultaneous access. The ROM has a protection scheme to prevent third-party pirating. It is configured in 32K 17-bit words. The total ROM space is divided into three areas: 1) The lower 2K words are reserved by Texas Instruments for a built-in self-test 2) The upper 30K words are for user program/data 3) An additional 1 Mb data ROM provides for up to 24 minutes of Speech The data Memory is internal static RAM. The RAM is configured in 640 17-bit words. All memories are designed to consume minimum power at a given system clock and algorithm acquisition frequency.
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