Single-chip Charger And Dc/dc Converter Ic For Bluetooth Headsets And Other Portable Applications Bqhybrid ?/textarea> ? ?9

  The bqHYBRID? series are highly integrated charge and Power Management devices targeted at space-limited Bluetooth applications. The bqHYBRID series offer integrated power FET and current Sensor for charge control, reverse blocking protection, high accuracy current and voltage regulation, charge status, charge termination, and a highly efficient and low-power DC-DC Converter in a small package. The bqHYBRID charges the Battery in three phases: conditioning, constant current and constant voltage. Charge is terminated based on minimum current. An internal charge Timer provides a backup safety feature for charge termination. The bqHYBRID automatically re-starts the charge if the Battery voltage falls below an internal threshold. The bqHYBRID automatically enters sleep mode when VCC supply is removed. The integrated low-power high-efficiency DC-DC Converter is designed to operate directly from a single-cell Li-Ion or Li-Pol Battery pack. The output voltage is either adjustable from 0.7 V to VBAT BQ25010 , fixed at 3.3 V BQ25011 , or fixed at 1.8 V BQ25012 , and is capable of delivering up to 150-mA of load current. The DC-DC Converter operates at a synchronized 1 MHz switching frequency allowing for the use of small Inductors
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