Li-ion Power Gauge ?odule With Pack Supervisor

  The BQ2167 Power Gauge Module provides a complete and compact Battery Management solution for Li-Ion Battery packs. Designed for Battery pack integration, the BQ2167 combines the BQ2050 Power Gauge IC with the BQ2058 Supervisor IC on a small printed circuit board. The board includes all the necessary components to accurately monitor Battery capacity and protect the cells from overvoltage, undervoltage, and overcurrent conditions. The board works with three or four Li-Ion series cells. The Power Gauge IC uses the on-board sense Resistor to track charge and discharge activity of the Battery pack. Critical Battery information can be accessed through the serial Communications port at DQ. The supervisor circuit consists of the BQ2058 and two FETs The BQ2058 controls the FETs to protect the batteries during charge/discharge cycles and short circuit conditions. The BQ2167 provides contacts for the positive and negative terminals of each Battery in the stack. Please refer to the BQ2050 and BQ2058 data sheets for the specifics on the operation of the power gauge and supervisor ICs. Unitrode configures the BQ2167 based on the information requested in Table 1. The configuration defines the number of series cells, the nominal Battery pack capacity, the self-discharge rate, the Li-Ion Battery type (coke 5/99 B Pin
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