Power Minder ?ini-board

  The BQ2118 Power Minder mini-board provides a complete and compact solution for charge and discharge counting of all types of Battery chemistries, including NiCd, NiMH, or Li-Ion batteries. Designed for Battery pack integration, the BQ2118 incorporates a BQ2018 Power Minder IC, supply Voltage Regulator sense Resistor and backup Capacitor on a small circuit board. The module provides direct connections for the positive and negative terminals of the series cells in the Battery pack, and can fit in the crevice formed by two adjacent cells. The BQ2118 allows a Battery pack to be equipped easily with accurate charge/discharge counting electronics. Unitrode configures the BQ2118 based on the information requested in Table 1. The configuration defines the Battery chemistry, the number of series cells, and the charge/discharge current. Figure 1 shows how the module connects to the cells. 2. Pin
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