Nicd Or Nimh Gas Gauge Module With Charge-control Output

  The BQ2114 Gas Gauge Module provides a complete and compact solution for capacity monitoring of NiCd and NiMH Battery packs. Designed for Battery pack integration, the BQ2114 incorporates a BQ2014 Gas Gauge IC, a current sense Resistor and all other components necessary to accurately monitor and display the capacity of 4 to 12 series cells. The bq2114L includes five surfacemounted LEDs to display remaining capacity in 20% increments of the learned capacity (relative mode). The LEDs are activated with the onboard push-button switch. Contacts are provided on the BQ2114 for direct connection to the Battery stack (BAT+, BAT-), the serial Communications port (DQ), the empty indicator (EMPTY), and the charge control output (CHG). Please refer to the BQ2014 data sheet for the specifics on the operation of the Gas Gauge. Unitrode configures the BQ2114 based on the information requested in Table 1. The configuration defines the number of series cells, the nominal Battery pack capacity, and the self-discharge rate. 3) Pin
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