Low-dropout Li-ion Charge-control Ics With Autocomp ?harge-rate Compensation

  The BQ2056 series ICs are low-cost precision linear charge-control devices for Li-Ion batteries. With a minimum number of external components, the BQ2056 is a complete lowdropout linear charger. The dropout voltage is typically less than 0.5V when the BQ2056 is used with an external PNP Transistor or P-channel FET. Features include proprietary automatic charge-rate compensation (AutoComp) and a trickle-charger Interface output for reviving deeply discharged cells. The BQ2056 supports a single-cell 4.1V pack and the 2056T supports a two-cell 8.2V pack. The bq2056V may be externally programmed for supporting other voltages. All versions feature a sleep mode for low-power applications. Functional Block Diagram + SNS 2.0V TRKL BAT COMP KCOMP + VREG CC SNS VSS INH 100mV + BDbq2056.eps Pin Connections Pin Names INH Charge-inhibit input Trickle-charge Interface output Ground Charge-rate compensation input VCC SNS BAT CC Current sense input Battery voltage input Charge control output Supply input INH TRKL VSS COMP 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5 VCC CC BAT SNS TRKL VSS COMP 8-Pin DIP or Narrow SOIC PN-205601.eps 10/98 B 1 BQ2056 T/V Pin
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