Single Phase Synchronous Buck Controller

  The UCD9111 is Single Phase synchronous buck digital PWM Controller that supports point of load (POL) applications. The device is configured thru the use of a graphical user Interface (GUI). The loop compensator is configurable with the GUI to meet dynamic converter performance allowing a single hardware design to cover a broad range of POL applications. In addition to digital control loop, the UCD9111 is able to monitor power supply operating conditions and report the status to the host system through PMBus. The monitoring parameters are configurable through GUI. The GUI also allows the power supply designer to easily to configure the digital control loop characteristics and generate the loop gain bode plot. The UCD7230 synchronous buck driver has been designed to work with the UCD911x controller to provide a highly integrated digital power solution. In addition to 4A output drive capability, the driver integrates current limit, short circuit protection as well as under-voltage lockout protection. The UCD7230 also has a 3.3V, 10mA Linear Regulator that provides the supply current for the controller.
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UCD9111RHB   UCD9111NBSP  
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