10-bit Serial D/a Converter

  The UCC5950 is a self-contained, microprocessor-compatible 10-bit D/A Converter It contains all of the functions required to take data directly from a threewire serial data bus and convert it to a precise voltage, including: an input Shift Register data Latches a precision Voltage Reference a precision 10-bit Digital to Analog Converter and an output Buffer amplifier. The serial data Interface is capable of clock frequencies as high as 20MHz, allowing update rates as high as two words per microsecond. The UCC5950 accepts commands encoded as 2?s-complement binary. The data converter in the UCC5950 is inherently monotonic, making this part ideal for use in closed-loop servo control systems as well as open-loop Data Conversion The UCC5950 uses a unique segmented data converter which offers differential linearity better than 1 LSB, integral linearity better than 2 LSB, and fast conversion.
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