Multimode Lvd/se Scsi 9 Line Terminator

  The UCC5673 Multi-Mode Low Voltage Differential and Single Ended Terminator is both a single ended terminator and a low voltage differential terminator for the transition to the next generation SCSI Parallel Interface (SPI-3). The low voltage differential is a requirement for the higher speeds at a reasonable cost and is the only way to have adequate skew budgets. The automatic mode select/change feature Switches the terminator between Single Ended or LVD Termination, depending on the bus mode. If the bus is in High Voltage Differential Mode, the terminator lines transition into a High Impedance state. The UCC5673 is SPI-3, SPI-2, and SCSI-2 compliant. This device is offered in a 28 pin TSSOP package to minimize the footprint. The UCC5673 is also available in a 36 pin MWP package.
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