Pwm Control Intelligent H-bridge

  The TPIC0107B is a PWM control intelligent H-bridge designed specifically for dc Motor applications. The device provides forward, reverse, and brake modes of operation. A logic supply voltage of 5 V is internally derived from VCC. The TPIC0107B has an extremely low rDS(on), 280 m? typical, to minimize system power dissipation. The direction control (DIR) and PWM control (PWM) inputs greatly simplify the Microcontroller overhead requirement. The PWM input can be driven from a dedicated PWM port while the DIR input is driven as a simple low speed toggle. The TPIC0107B provides protection against over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and cross conduction faults. Fault diagnostics can be obtained by monitoring the STATUS1 and STATUS2 terminals and the two input control lines. STATUS1 is an open-drain output suitable for wired-or connection. STATUS2 is a push-pull output that provides a latched status output. Under-voltage protection ensures that the outputs, OUT1 and OUT2, will be disabled when VCC is less than the under-voltage detection voltage V(UVCC). The TPIC0107B is designed using TI?s LinBiCMOS? process. LinBiCMOS allows the integration of low power CMOS structures, precision bipolar cells, and low impedance DMOS Transistors The TPIC0107B is offered in a 20-pin thermally enhanced small-outline package (DWP) and is characterized for operation over the operating case temperature of ?40?C to 125?C.
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