80-mw Directpath Stereo Headphone Driver

  The TPA4411 and TPA4411M are stereo headphone drivers designed to allow the removal of the output DC-blocking Capacitors for reduced component count and cost. The TPA4411 and TPA4411M are ideal for small portable electronics where size and cost are critical design parameters. The TPA4411 and TPA4411M are capable of driving 80 mW into a 16-? load at 4.5 V. Both TPA4411 and TPA4411M have a fixed gain of ?1.5 V/V and headphone outputs that have ?8-kV IEC ESD protection. The TPA4411 and TPA4411M have independent shutdown control for the right and left Audio channels. The TPA4411 is available in a 2.18 mm ? 2.18 mm WCSP and 4 mm ? 4 mm Thin QFN packages. The TPA4411M is available in a 4 mm ? 4 mm Thin QFN package. The TPA4411RTJ package is a thermally optimized PowerPAD? package allowing the maximum amount of thermal dissipation and the TPA4411MRTJ is a thermally enhanced PowerPAD package designed to match competitive package footprints.
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TPA4411YZH   TPA4411RTJ   TPA4411MRTJ  
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