2.6-w Stereo Audio Power Amplifier With Four Selectable Gain Settings And Mux Control

  The TPA0312 is a stereo Audio Power Amplifier in a 24-pin TSSOP thermally enhanced package capable of delivering 2.6 W of continuous RMS power per channel into 3-? loads. This device minimizes the number of external components needed, simplifying the design, and freeing up board space for other features. When driving 1 W into 8-? Speakers the TPA0312 has less than 0.65% THD+N across its specified frequency range. Included within this device is integrated depop circuitry that virtually eliminates transients that cause noise in the Speakers Amplifier gain is internally configured and controlled by way of two terminals (GAIN0 and GAIN1). BTL gain settings of 6 dB, 10 dB, 15.6 dB, and 21.6 dB (inverting) are provided, whereas SE gain is always configured as 4.1 dB for headphone drive. An internal input MUX allows two sets of stereo inputs to the amplifier. The HP/LINE terminal allows the user to select which MUX input is active, regardless of whether the amplifier is in SE or BTL mode. In notebook applications, where internal Speakers are driven as BTL and the line outputs (often headphone drive) are required to be SE, the TPA0312 automatically Switches into SE mode when the SE/BTL input is activated, and this reduces the gain to 4.1 dB. The TPA0312 consumes only 6 mA of supply current during normal operation. A miserly shutdown mode reduces the supply current to 150 ?A. The PowerPAD? package (PWP) delivers a level of thermal performance that was previously achievable only in TO-220-type packages. Thermal impedances of approximately 35?C/W are readily realized in multilayer PCB applications. This allows the TPA0312 to operate at full power into 8-? loads at an ambient temperature of 85?C. AVAILABLE OPTIONS
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