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  The TMP320C50KGD digital signal processor (DSP) is a high performance, 16-bit, fixed-point processor manufactured in 0.72-?m double-level metal CMOS technology. The TMP320LC50KGD has the same functionality as the ?C50KGD except for operation at 3.3 V instead of 5 V. Texas Instruments Military Products currently employs three primary processes for the development of a known good die (KGD), one of which is applied to the TMP320C50 and TMP320LC50 devices. This process, known as hot-chuck-probe, uses a standard probed product that is tested again, this time at full data sheet specifications, in wafer form at speed and elevated temperature (85?C). Each individual die then is sawed, inspected, and packed for shipment. This flow produces a bare die that has been temperature-tested at speed and is known to be good, without having to use a temporary package. A number of enhancements to the basic ?C2x architecture give the ?C5x a minimum 2x performance over the previous generation. A four-deep instruction pipeline, incorporating delayed branching, delayed call to subroutine, and delayed return from subroutine, allows the ?C5x to perform instructions in fewer cycles. The addition of a PLU gives the ?C5x a method of manipulating bits in data Memory without using the accumulator and ALU. The ?C5x has additional shifting and scaling capability for proper alignment of multiplicands or storage of values to data Memory
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