2.7 V To 5.5 V Low Power 12-bit Digital-to-analog Converters With Internal Reference And Power Down

  The TLV5633 is a 12-bit voltage output digital- to-analog converter (DAC) with an 8-bit Microcontroller compatible parallel Interface The 8 LSBs, the 4 MSBs, and 5 control bits are written using three different addresses. Developed for a wide range of supply voltages, the TLV5633 can be operated from 2.7 V to 5.5 V. The Resistor string output voltage is buffered by a x2 gain rail-to-rail output Buffer The Buffer features a Class A (slow mode: AB) output stage to improve stability and reduce settling time. The programmable settling time of the DAC allows the designer to optimize speed versus power dissipation. With its on-chip programmable precision Voltage Reference the TLV5633 simplifies overall system design. Because of its ability to source up to 1 mA, the internal reference can also be used as a system reference. The settling time and the reference voltage can be chosen by a control Register Implemented with a CMOS process, the device is designed for Single Supply operation from 2.7 V to 5.5 V. It is available in 20-pin SOIC and TSSOP packages in standard commercial and industrial temperature ranges. AVAILABLE OPTIONS
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