3.3 V Integrated G.lite Analog Front End

  The TLFD500PN is a high-speed analog front end for a remote terminal-side ADSL G.Lite modem. The device is designed to perform transmit encoding (D/A conversion), receive decoding (A/D conversion), transmit and receive filtering functions, and receive equalizer functions for a frequency division multiplex (FDM) G.Lite application. The receive channel has an update rate of 1.104 Msps, while the transmit channel has an update rate of 276 ksps. Both channels use 2s complement data format. When used in a G.Lite system, the TLFD500PN requires a minimum number of external components. The device incorporates integrated filtering, DPLL, VCXO DAC (uses 2s complement data format), and 8 general-purpose I/O ports. The general-purpose I/O ports provide a means of reading or writing status bits in the system. Four auxiliary amplifiers on the chip can be configured (external components may be required) to provide additional onboard filtering and amplification. A simple serial Interface for data transfer on the digital side reduces system component count. The Interface can be connected directly to the TI C6x and C54x families of DSPs The TLFD500PN device is available in an 80-pin PN LQFP package.
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