4-channel White Led Driver

  The TLED2043 is a four-channel, white LED driver used for backlighting color LCD displays in portable equipment. The device consists of four FET outputs, each of which is used essentially as a current sink to bias a single LED The Gates of the FETs are controlled collectively by a current-control amplifier that automatically monitors the Battery voltage. If the Battery voltage drops when compared to an externally set reference voltage, the current-control amplifier proportionately lowers all four FETs? output drives to conserve Battery power. Additionally, the TLED2043 has internal Switches that are programmed to disconnect the power supply and supporting circuitry to the device when LED operation is not needed, offering significant power savings during periods of inactivity. Offering smaller board space, lower RDS-ON, and lower overall cost, the TLED2043 has clear advantages over the use of discrete devices in implementing a white-LED driver solution. Compared to the use of Charge Pumps and DC-DC Converters in similar applications, the TLED2043 again can offer the advantages of smaller board space and lower solution cost because no costly Inductors and/or Capacitors are required. In addition, it avoids the switching-noise and power-loss issues associated with such devices. Characterized for operation from ?40?C to 85?C, the TLED2043 is offered in 20-pin TSSOP (PW) and MicroStar Jr. BGA (GQN) packages for maximum space savings.
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