Hs1e Series Full Size Interlock Switch With Locking Solenoid

  1 HS1E Key features include: ? Basic unit and solenoid unit in one housing ? Plastic Housing: Light weight ? Ease of Wiring: All the terminal screws are M3.5. ? Available with a red or green indicator ? Choose from 4 circuit con?gurations ? When mounting the key on a movable door, and the switch on a machine body, the door can be mechanically locked when closed. ? Greater Safety: The door is unlocked by a solenoid lock-release signal from a PLC or other source after the machine has stopped. ? In the event of power failure or for machine maintenance, the door can be unlocked using a special tool. ? Flexible Installation: The key can be accessed from two directions. ? Also available is a manual unlock key type.
Item: HS1E
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IDEC Corporation
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