4 1/2-digit Precision Analog-to-digital Converters

  The ICL7135C and TLC7135C converters are manufactured with Texas Instruments highly efficient CMOS technology. These 4 1/2-digit, dual-slope-integrating, analog-to-digital converters (DACs) are designed to provide Interfaces to both a microprocessor and a visual display. The digit-drive outputs D1 through D4 and multiplexed binary-coded-decimal outputs B1, B2, B4, and B8 provide an Interface for LED or LCD decoder/drivers as well as microprocessors. The ICL7135C and TLC7135C offer 50-ppm (one part in 20,000) resolution with a maximum linearity error of one count. The zero error is less than 10 ?V and zero drift is less than 0.5 ?V/?C. Source-impedance errors are minimized by low input current (less than 10 pA). Rollover error is limited to ? 1 count. The BUSY, STROBE, RUN/HOLD, OVER RANGE, and UNDER RANGE control signals support microprocessor-based measurement systems. The control signals also can support remote Data Acquisition systems with data transfer through universal asynchronous Receiver Transmitters (UARTs). The ICL7135C and TLC7135C are characterized for operation from 0?C to 70?C.
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