256 X 24 Color Palette

  The TLC34058-110M color-palette integrated circuit is specifically developed for high-resolution color graphics in such applications as CAE/CAD/CAM, image processing, and video reconstruction. The architecture provides for the display of 1280 ? 1024 bit-mapped color graphics (up to eight bits per pixel resolution) with two bits of overlay information. The TLC34058-110M has a 256-word ? 24-bit RAM used as a lookup table with three 8-bit video D/A Converters On-chip features such as high-speed pixel clock logic minimize costly ECL Interface Multiple pixel ports and internal multiplexing provide TTL-compatible Interface (up to 32 MHz) to the frame Buffer while maintaining sophisticated color graphic data rates (up to 135 MHz). Programmable blink rates, bit plane masking and blinking, color overlay capability, and a dual-port palette RAM are other key features. The TLC34058-110M generates red, green, and blue signals compatible with EIA RS-343-A and can drive 75-? coaxial cables terminated at each end without external buffering.
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TLC34058-110MHFG   TLC34058-110MGA  
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