Advanced Memory Buffer For Fully Buffered Dimm Modules

  The fully buffered dual in-line Memory module (FB-DIMM) is the next generation Memory architecture to meet the growing Memory requirement of servers and workstations. The IDT Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) chip is the essential building block located on each FB-DIMM. The IDT AMB receives commands and data from the host controller to control and write/read data to/ from the DRAMs on the DIMM. Commands and write data are sent southbound from the host controller to AMBs in a daisy chain fashion and interpreted by the target AMB. Status and read data are sent northbound from AMBs to the host controller also in a daisy chain fashion, passing through non-target AMBs. This unique channel structure alleviates Buffer loading issues common in registered DIMM technology, enabling designers to use a large number of DIMMs within a single system. IDTAMB0480 complies with the latest JEDEC defined FB-DIMM Architecture and Protocol Specification and supports DDR2-533 and DDR2-667 DRAM It also enables serial data transfer at 3.2 and 4.0Gbps. The IDTAMB0480 supports servers, workstations, storage devices and Communication applications that support the next generation FB-DIMM architecture.
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