8-bit Cpu Based Voice Chip Series

  Aplus? aIVR3K is a 8-bit CPU based Voice chip series. It is fabricated with Standard CMOS process with embedded voice storage OTP Memory It can store from 10 to 42sec voice message with 4-bit ADPCM compression at 6KHz sampling rate. 8-bit PCM is also available as user selectable option to improve sound quality. Depending on IC body, there are up to eight programmable I/O pins. Key trigger and Parallel CPU trigger mode can be configured according to different application requirements. User selectable triggering and output signal options provide maximum flexibility to various applications. Fully integrated system Oscillator power-on reset, 8-bit current mode D/A output and PWM direct Speaker driving output to minimize external components count. Two level volume control for PWM direct Speaker driving output.
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AIVR3K42   AIVR3K21  
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