2.5 Gb, Ddr2, 32 M X 80[72] Integrated Module Imod

  The LOGIC Devices, 2.2Gb, DDR2 SDRAM IMOD, is one member of its Integrated Module family. This family of Integrated Memory modules con- tains DDR3/DDR2 and DDR device de?nitions. This DDR2 product de?- nition is packaged in a 25mm x 25mm ? 255 ball, PBGA footprint with a 1.27mm ball pitch. This device, a high speed CMOS random-access, integrated Memory device based on use of (5) silicon devices each con- taining 536,870,912 bits, for a total bit density of 2,684,354,560. Each chip is internally con?gured as a quad-bank SDRAM Each of the chips 134,217,728 bit banks is organized as 8,192 rows by 1024 columns by 16bits. Each of the (5) Silicon devices contained in LOGIC?s iMOD device, equates to a WORD or DUAL-BYTES, each BYTE containing Data Mask and Data Strobes. This module?s control structure is de?ned with each of the (5) silicon die internal to the iMOD having CS, CKE, CLK,CLK, RAS, CAS and WE as well as the Data Mask and Strobe control bus for the I/O. These controls are LDQS, LDQS, UDQS, UDQS, LDM and UDM.
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