Fixed-voltage Regulators For Scsi Active Termination

  The TL2217-285 is a low-dropout (1 V) fixedvoltage Regulator specifically designed for small computer systems Interface (SCSI) alternative 2 active signal termination. The TL2217-285 1-V maximum dropout ensures compatibility with existing SCSI systems, while providing a wide TERMPWR voltage range. At the same time, the ?1.5% initial tolerance on its 2.85-V output voltage ensures a tighter line-driver current tolerance, thereby increasing system noise margin. The fixed 2.85-V output voltage of TL2217-285 supports the SCSI alternative 2 termination standard, while reducing system power consumption. The 1-V maximum dropout voltage brings increased TERMPWR isolation, making the device ideal for battery-powered systems. The TL2217-285 with internal current limiting, overvoltage protection, ESD protection, and thermal protection, offers designers enhanced system protection and reliability.
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TL22I7-285PWR   TL22I7-285KTP   TL2217-285Y   TL2217-285KC  
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