Standalone Plug-and-play Pnp Controller

  The TL16PNP100A responds to the plug-andplay (PnP) autoconfiguration process. The process puts all PNP cards in a configuration mode, isolates one PNP card at a time, assigns a card-select number (CSN), and reads the card resource-data structure from the ST93C56 66 EEPROM After the resource requirements and D0 capabilities are determined for all cards, the D1 process uses the CSN to configure the card by D2 writing to the configuration Registers The D3 TL16PNP100A implements configuration regis- GND ters only for I/O applications with two logical D4 devices, and DMA application support is not NC provided. Finally, the process activates the D5 TL16PNP100A card and removes it from D6 configuration mode. After the configuration D7 process, the logic function can then start GND responding to industry standard architecture (ISA) bus cycles. The controller disables the IRQ3 EEPROM Interface after the configuration is complete to allow another on-board controller to access the EEPROM
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