Single-channel Voltage/current Monitors And Voltage Marginers

  The SMM151 SMM152 are highly accurate power supply voltage/current supervisors and monitors with provisions for voltage margining of the monitored supply. The parts include an internal Voltage Reference to accurately monitor and margin the supply to within ?1%. The SMM151 SMM152 have the capability to margin over a wide range from 0.3V to VDD using the internal reference and can read the differential voltage of the supply and voltage drop of the current sense Resistor over the I 2 C bus using an on-chip 10-bit ADC The margin levels are set using the I 2 C serial bus. The devices initiate margining via the I 2 C bus or by using the MUP or MDN inputs. Once the pre- programmed margin target voltage is reached, the SMM151 SMM152 hold the converter at this voltage until receiving an I 2 C command or de-asserting the margin input pin. When the SMM151 SMM152 are not margining, the TRIM output pin is held in a high impedance state allowing the converter to operate at its nominal set point. Two general purpose input pins are provided for sensing under or over-voltage conditions. A programmable glitch Filter associated with these inputs allows the user to ignore spurious noise signals. A FAULT# pin is asserted once either input set point is exceeded. The SMM152 also provides four programmable general-purpose inputs/outputs. Using the I 2 C Interface a host system can communicate with the SMM151 SMM152 status Register and utilize 256-bytes of nonvolatile Memory
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