Low-voltage Rail-to-rait Output Cmos Operational Amplifiers

  /ordering information The TLV341 TLV342 and TLV344 are single, dual, and quad CMOS Operational Amplifiers respectively, with low-voltage, low-power, and rail-to-rail output swing capabilities. The PMOS input stage offers an ultra-low input bias current of 1 pA (typ) and an offset voltage of 0.3 mV (typ). For applications requiring excellent dc precision, the A grade (TLV34xA) has a low offset voltage of 1.25 mV (max) at 25?C. These single-supply amplifiers are designed specifically for ultra-low-voltage (1.5-V to 5-V) operation, with a common-mode input voltage range that typically extends from ?0.2 V to 0.5 V from the positive supply rail. Additional features include 20-nV/?Hz voltage noise at 10 kHz, 2.3-MHz unity-gain bandwidth, and 0.9-V/?s slew rate. The TLV341 (single) and TLV342 (dual) in the RUG package also offer a shutdown (SHDN) pin that can be used to disable the device. In shutdown mode, the supply current is reduced to 45 pA (typ). Offered in both the SOT-23 and smaller SC-70 packages, the TLV341 is suitable for the most space-constrained applications. The dual TLV342 is offered in the standard SOIC, MSOP, and QFN packages. An extended industrial temperature range from ?40?C to 125?C makes the TLV34x suitable in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.
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