Un-buffered Ddr3 Sdram Dimm

  Un-buffered DDR3 SDRAM DIMM NT2GC64B8HC0NF is 240-Pin Double Data Rate 3 (DDR3) Synchronous DRAM Unbuffered Dual In-Line Memory Module (UDIMM), organized as two ranks of 256Mx64 (2GB) high-speed Memory array. Modules use sixteen 128Mx8 (2GB) 78-ball BGA packaged devices. These DIMMs are manufactured using raw cards developed for broad industry use as reference designs. The use of these common design files minimizes electrical variation between suppliers. All NANYA DDR3 SDRAM DIMMs provide a high-performance, flexible 8-byte Interface in a 5.25? long space-saving footprint.
Item: NT2GC64B8HC0NF
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