Dual Differential Comparators

  The TLV1393 and the TLV2393 are dual differential Comparators built using a new Texas Instruments low-voltage, high-speed bipolar process. These devices have been specifically developed for low-voltage, single-supply applications. Their enhanced performance makes them excellent replacements for the LM393 in today?s improved 3-V and 5-V system designs. The TLV1393 with its typical supply current of only 0.16 mA, is ideal for low-power systems. Response time has also been improved to 0.7 ?s. For higher-speed applications, the TLV2393 features excellent ac performance with a response time of just 0.45 ?s, three times that of the LM393. Package availability for these devices includes the TSSOP (thin-shrink small-outline package). With a maximum thickness of 1.1 mm and a package area that is 25% smaller than the standard surface-mount package, the TSSOP is ideal for high-density Circuits particularly in hand-held and portable equipment.
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