Wide-band Video Preamplifier System With Blanking

  The TLS1215 is a wide-band video preamplifier 11 18 system intended for high-resolution RGB 12 17 (red-green-blue) color monitors with blanking 13 16 control features. Each Video Amplifier (R, G, and 14 15 B) contains a gain set for adjusting maximum system gain. The TLS1215 provides digital level-operated contrast, brightness, and gain adjustment. All the control inputs offer high input impedance and an operation range from 0 V to 4 V for easy Interface to the serial digital buses. The TLS1215 also contains a blanking circuit, which clamps the video output voltage during blanking period to as low as 0.2 V above ground. The device operates from a 12-V supply. The TLS1215 is characterized for operation from 0?C to 70?C.
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