Dual-core Soc Family With Sheeva Technology

  The Marvell ? 88F6323 88F6322 88F6321 is a family of dual-core, high-performance, integrated system-on-chips (Soc) based on Marvell proprietary Sheeva? ARMv5TE-compliant CPU architecture. The 88F6323 2/1 family of devices integrates two dual-issue CPUs supporting double precision IEEE compliant Floating Point Unit (FPU), on-chip 256KB L2 cache per CPU and advance I/O peripherals including DDR2 controller, PCI-Express (PCIe), USB 2.0, SATA controller and Gigabit Ethernet Interface With its innovative architecture, the 88F6323 88F6322 88F6321 is optimized for cost sensitive applications that include multi-service gateways, branch offce routers, home media servers, WLAN access points and laser printers. The 88F6323 88F6322 88F6321 family offers unparalleled integration that makes system design simple and cost effcient. The SoC integrates:
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