Pci Express Fast Ethernet Controller With Embedded Nv Memory For Lom Applications

  The single-chip PCI Express based Yukon FE+ device integrates the Marvell ? 10/100 PHY with the proven Marvell MAC and PCI Express SERDES cores, delivering an ultra-small form factor and high performance. The Yukon FE+ device is offered in two package options: an ultra small footprint 7x7mm QFN and 9x9mm QFN.The Yukon FE+ device in 9x9mm QFN is pin compatible with the 88E805x and 88E807x Gigabit Ethernet controller devices and enables flexible board designs that can be populated with either Gigabit or Fast Ethernet LOM. Delivered with the industry?s most comprehensive software driver suite, this Yukon device is ideally suited for LAN on motherboard (LOM) applications. The Yukon FE+ device is compliant with the PCI Express 1.1 specification. The 7x7mm, 48-pin QFN package, reduces board space required for LOM implementation significantly. In addition, the Yukon FE+ device integrates several BOM components that are traditionally external to the LOM device. The Yukon FE+ integrates on-chip non-volatile Memory that eliminates the need for an external EEPROM The overall solution cost is also reduced by fully integrating Regulators used to generate 2.5V and 1.2V supplies. Integration of termination passives on the PHY Interface improves cable performance and reliability. The device is optimized for maximum throughput and
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