7 Port Avb Gigabit Ethernet Switch With 5 Integrated 10/100/1000 Phys

  The Marvell ? Link Street? 88E6350R 88E6350 devices are single-chip, 7-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switches with fve integrated Gigabit Ethernet Transceivers supporting the latest IEEE802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standards. These new AVB standards overcome the latency and bandwidth limitations of Ethernet to allow for the effcient transmission of real-time Audio and video over Ethernet for home or commercial applications. These devices use the AVB technologies to identify and reserve the network resources for AVB traffc streams and supports precise isochronous streaming capability for reliable and quality Audio video transmission over Ethernet for today?s real-time, high defnition information and entertainment options. The AVB protocols enable timing sensitive multimedia streams (such as digital video, Audio or industrial control traffc) to be sent over the Ethernet network with low latency and robust quality of Service guarantees.
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