680- 500-pixel Ccd Image Sensor

  The TC237 is a frame-transfer, charge-coupled device (CCD) image Sensor designed for use in single-chip black and white NTSC TV, computer, and special-purpose applications requiring low cost and small size. The image-sensing area of the TC237 is configured into 500 lines with 680 elements in each line. Twenty-two elements are provided in each line for dark reference. The blooming-protection feature of the Sensor is based on an advanced lateral-overflow-drain concept. The Sensor can be operated in a true-interlace mode as a 658(H) ? 496(V) Sensor with a very low dark current. One important feature of the TC237 very high-resolution Sensor is the ability to capture a full 340,000 pixels per field. The image Sensor also provides high-speed imagetransfer capability. This capability allows for a continuous electronic exposure control without the loss of sensitivity and resolution inherent in other technologies. The charge is converted to signal voltage at 20 ?V per electron by a high-performance structure with a reset and a voltage-reference generator. The signal is further buffered by a low-noise, two-stage, source-follower amplifier to provide high output-drive capability. The TC237 is built using TI-proprietary advanced virtual-phase (AVP) technology, which provides devices with high blue response, low dark signal, good uniformity, and single-phase clocking. The TC237 is characterized for operation from ? 10?C to 45?C.
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