1024- 512-pixel Ccd Image Sensor

  The TC213 is a frame-transfer charge-coupled device (CCD) image Sensor that provides very high-resolution image acquisition for image-processing applications such as robotic vision, medical X-ray analysis, and metrology. The image format measures 12.00 mm horizontally by 6.12 mm vertically; the image-area diagonal is 13.5 mm. The image-area pixels are 12-?m square. The image area contains 510 active lines with 1000 active pixels per line. Two additional dark reference lines give a total of 512 lines in the image area, and 24 additional dark-reference pixels per line give a total of 1024 pixels per horizontal line. The storage section of the TC213 contains 512 lines with 1024 pixels per line. This area is protected from exposure to light by an aluminum light shield. Photoelectric charge that is generated in the image area of the TC213 can be transferred into the storage section in less than 500 ?s. After image capture (integration time), the readout is accomplished by transferring the charge, one line at a time, into two serial Registers located below the storage area, each of which contains 512 data elements and 12 dummy elements. One serial-register clocks out charge that is generated in the odd-numbered columns of pixels in the imaging area; the other serial-register processes charge from the even-numbered columns of the imaging area. The typical serial-register data rate is 10 megapixels per second. Three transfer Gates are used to isolate the serial Registers If the storage area or storage and image areas need to be cleared of all charge, charge may be quickly transferred across the serial Registers and into the clearing drain, which is located below the serial-register section.
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