192- 165-pixel Ccd Image Sensor

  The TC211 is a full-frame charge-coupled device (CCD) image Sensor designed specifically for industrial applications requiring ruggedness and small size. The image-sensing area is configured into 165 horizontal lines each containing 192 pixels. Twelve additional pixels are provided at the end of each line to establish a dark reference and line clamp. The antiblooming feature is activated by supplying clock pulses to the antiblooming Gate an integral part of each image-sensing element. The charge is converted to signal voltage at 4 ?V per electron by a high-performance structure with built-in automatic reset and a voltage-reference generator. The signal is further buffered by a low-noise two-stage source-follower amplifier to provide high output-drive capability. The TC211 is supplied in a 6-pin dual-in-line ceramic package approximately 7,5 mm (0.3 in.) square. The glass window can be cleaned using any standard method for cleaning optical assemblies or by wiping the surface with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. The TC211 is characterized for operation from ? 10?C to 45?C.
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