8 Channel Digital Audio Pwm Processor

  The TAS5508 is an eight channel digital pulse width Modulator (PWM) that provides both advanced performance and a high level of system integration. The TAS5508 is designed to Interface seamlessly with most Audio digital signal processors. The TAS5508 automatically adjusts control configurations in response to clock and data rate changes and idle conditions. This enables the TAS5508 to provide an easy to use control Interface with relaxed timing requirements. The TAS5508 can drive eight channels of H-bridge power stages. Texas Instruments H-bridge parts TAS5111 TAS5112 or TAS5182 + FETs are designed to work seamlessly with the TAS5508. The TAS5508 supports both single-ended or Bridge tied load configurations. The TAS5508 also provides a high performance differential output to drive an external differential input analog headphone amplifier (such as the TPA112 . The TAS5508 s uses an AD modulation operating at a 384-kHz switching rate for 48-, 96-, and 192-kHz data. The 8x over sampling combined with the 5th order noise shaper provides a broad flat noise floor and excellent dynamic range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The TAS5508 is clock slave only device. The TAS5508 receives MCLK, SCLK and LRCLK from other system components. The TAS5508 accepts master clock rates of 128, 192, 256, 384, 512, and 768 Fs. The TAS5508 accepts a 64-Fs bit clock. The TAS5508 allows for extending the dynamic range by providing a power supply volume control (PSVC) output signal.
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