Four-channel Automotive Digital Amplifiers

  The TAS5414 and TAS5424 are four-channel digital Audio Amplifiers designed for use in Automotive head units and external amplifier modules. The TAS5414 and TAS5424 provide four channels at 23 W continuously into 4 ? at less than 1% THD+N from a 14.4-V supply. Each channel can also deliver 38 W into 2 ? at 1% THD+N. The TAS5414 uses single-ended analog inputs, while the TAS5424 employs differential inputs for increased immunity to common-mode system noise. The digital PWM topology of the TAS5414 and TAS5424 provides dramatic improvements in efficiency over traditional linear amplifier solutions. This reduces the power dissipated by the amplifier by a factor of ten under typical music playback conditions. High efficiency is accomplished without the need for complicated power-supply schemes. Multiple TAS5414s or TAS5424s can be synchronized to meet high-channel-count applications. The TAS5414 and TAS5424 incorporate all the functionality needed to perform in the demanding OEM applications area. They have built-in load diagnostic functions for detecting and diagnosing misconnected outputs to help to reduce test time during the manufacturing process.
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TAS5424TDKDRQ1   TAS5424TDKDQ1   TAS5424   TAS5414TDKDRQ1   TAS5414TDKDQ1  
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