True Digital Stereo Audio Amplifier With Pwm Stereo Power Output Stage

  The TAS5101 is a high-performance true digital stereo Audio Amplifier (TDAA) Power Stage, designed to drive 2 ? 15 watts per channel. The TAS5101 incorporates TI?s equibitt technology and is used in conjunction with a Digital Audio PWM processor (TAS50xx) to deliver high-power, true digital Audio amplification. The efficiency of this digital amplifier can be greater than 90%, reducing the size of both the power supplies and heat sinks needed. The TAS5101 accepts a stereo PWM 3.3V input and controls the switching of an internal CMOS H-bridge. When used with the TAS50xx PWM Processor, system performance of less than 0.09% THD is attainable. Over-current protection, over-temperature, and under-voltage protections are built into the TAS5101 safeguarding the H-bridge and Speakers against output shorts, over-voltage conditions, and other fault conditions that could damage the system.
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