True Digital Audio Amplifier Tas5100a Pwm Power Output Stage

  True digital Audio Amplifier (TDAA) is a new paradigm in digital Audio The TDAA system currently consists of the TAS5000 PCM-PWM Modulator device + TAS5100A PWM power output device. This system accepts a serial PCM digital Audio stream and converts it to a 3.3-V PWM Audio stream TAS5000 . The TAS5100A device then provides a large-signal PWM output. This digital PWM signal is then demodulated providing power output for driving loudspeakers. This patented technology provides low-cost, high-quality, high-efficient digital Audio applicable to many Audio systems developed for the digital age. The TAS5100A is a single-channel PWM power Audio device. It contains integrated Gate Drivers four matched and electrically isolated enhancement- mode N-channel power DMOS Transistors Also, included are protection and fault-reporting circuitry. This device is optimized for use with the TAS5000 digital Modulator
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