Fast 8051 Compatible Micro-controlle

  The SH79E02 is a fast 8051 compatible micro-controller with a redesigned CPU of no wasted clock and Memory cycles. Typically, it will be faster and exhibit better performance than the traditional 8051 at the same Oscillator frequency. The SH79E02 retains most features of the standard 8051 These features include internal 128 bytes RAM and two 16-bit ???? ???? Timer Counters and external interrupts INT0 & INT1. It also contains 10-bit 8-channel ADC an analog Comparator module (CMP), two high-performance Operational Amplifiers 128 bytes EEPROM and 2K bytes Flash Memory block for program. For high reliability and low cost issues, the SH79E02 builds in a watchdog Timer a Warm-up Timer a Low-voltage Reset module, and a system clock monitoring module. And the SH79E02 also supports two power saving modes to reduce power consumption.
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