Octal Bus Transceivers With 3-state Outputs

  The ?BCT620A bus Transceiver is designed for asynchronous Communication between data buses. The control function implementation allows for maximum flexibility in timing. The ?BCT620A provides inverted data at its outputs. These devices allow data transmission from the A bus to the B bus or from the B bus to the A bus depending upon the logic levels at the output-enable (OEAB and OEBA) inputs. The output-enable inputs can be used to disable the device so that the buses are effectively isolated. The dual-enable configuration gives the Transceivers the capability of storing data by simultaneously enabling OEAB and OEBA. When both OEAB and OEBA are enabled and all other data sources to the two sets of bus lines are at high impedance, both sets of bus lines (16 in all) will remain at their last states. In this way, each output reinforces its input in this configuration. The SN54BCT620A is characterized for operation over the full military temperature range of ? 55?C to 125?C. The SN74BCT620A is characterized for operation from 0?C to 70?C.
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