Dual Interface Multiprotocol Flash Based Smart Card

  Dual Interface Multiprotocol Flash Based Smart Card EM4830DUAL integrated circuit is designed specifically for multi application cards in transportation and ticketing. It offers dual multiprotocol Interfaces to support the largest range of applications, thus combining contact and contact- less Interface technologies. The Flash based architecture offers a very high degree of flexibility. A solution based on EM4830DUAL can be rapidly and safely deployed in the field offering a fast time to market. The need to support the emerging multifunction and dual Interface cards requires that the device can download an application under software control and run it when the device is in the field embedded in a plastic card. This application can be in the form of a script to be executed by an interpreter or as raw binary code directly executed by the processor. Compatibility with the industry standard 8051 micro- controller guarantees the maximum availability of qualified software. The hardware implementation of the core is a modern design not relying on microcode, with an increase of up to 4 times that of a standard 8051's clocks per instruction.
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