Boost Converter For Wled Driver

  The AAT1187A provides a boost PWM Controller positive Charge Pump low dropout Linear Regulator VCOM Operational Amplifier and one high voltage switch (up to 28V for TFT LCD display.RESET pin will issue a reset signal to T-CON when VIN voltage is too low. The PWM Controller consists of an on-chip voltage reference, Oscillator error amplifier, current sense circuit, Comparator under-voltage lockout protection and soft-start control circuit. The thermal and power fault protection prevents excessive power from damaging internal circuit. The positive Charge Pump generates VGH voltage (gate high voltage) setting by external Resistor divider. For the flicker compensation, VGHM will be connected to VGH when VFLK is high and connected to RE when VFLK goes low. The AAT1187A contains one Operational Amplifier capable of supplying 200MA to VCOM. With the minimal external components, the AAT1187A offers a simple and economical solution for TFT LCD power.
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