500ma, Ultra-low Noise, High Psrr Cmos Ldo Regulator With Soft Start Function

  The LD6919 is a micro power Linear Regulator with very low output voltage drop during load transient, featuring ultra-low noise, low-dropout and high ripple rejection ratio for optimal performance of battery-powered systems. This SS pin can suppress the noise and is built in with soft start function. Using Leadtrend?s own proprietary control scheme, the output voltage can be set by the value chosen for the RJ Resistor on SS pin. As well, the LD6919 can be stable with an output Capacitor of 1?F which reduces the board space and cost. The LD6919 is available in a space saving SOT25, SC70-6 and DFN-6L 1.6mm x 1.6mm package.
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