Ultra Low Profile 0404 Power Divider 50 To 50

  The PD2425N5050S2 is a low profile 1mm square, sub'miniature Wilkinson power divider in an easy to use surface mount package. The PD2425N5050S2 is ideal for high volume manufacturing and delivers higher performances than traditional printed and lumped element solutions. The PD2425N5050S2 is matched to 508 and has a height profile of 0.6 mm with an LGA Interface which is ideal for high level integrations in module level solutions in the following markets: WiMAX (2.3 ' 2.7 GHz), 802.11b, g & n, 2.4 GHz ISM band, Bluetooth (LE), Bluetooth and ZigBee The PD2425N5050S2 does not include the resistive element and therefore, requires an external Resistor for operation. The PD2425N5050S2 is available on tape and reel for high volume manufacturing pick and place.
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