Zero1 Loss Automatic X Capacitor Discharge Ic

  When AC voltage is applied, CAPZero blocks current fow in the X Capacitor safety discharge Resistors reducing the power loss to less than 5 mW, or essentially zero1 at 230 VAC. When AC voltage is disconnected, CAPZero automatically discharges the X Capacitor by connecting the series discharge Resistors This operation allows total fexibility in the choice of the X Capacitor to optimize differential mode EMI fltering and reduce Inductor costs, with no change in power consumption. Designing with CAPZero is simply a matter of selecting the appropriate CAPZero device and external Resistor values in Table 1 for the X Capacitor value being used. This design choice will provide a worst case RC time constant, when the AC supply is disconnected, of less than 1 second as required by international safety standards.
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