High Speed Cmos Logic Quad-bus Transceiver With Three-state Outputs

  The Harris CD74HCT242 CD74HC243 and CD74HCT243 silicon-gate CMOS three-state bidirectional inverting and non-inverting Buffers are intended for two-way asynchronous Communication between data buses. They have high drive current outputs which enable high-speed operation when driving large bus capacitances. These Circuits possess the low power dissipation of CMOS Circuits and have speeds comparable to low power Schottky TTL Circuits They can drive 15 LSTTL loads. The CD74HCT242 is an inverting buffer; the CD74HC243 and CD74HCT243 are non-inverting Buffers The states of the output enables (OEB, OEA) determine both the direction of ?ow (A to B, B to A), and the three-state mode.
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